AXPORT DUNNAGE BAG outer liner is made of paper/polywoven laminated material
which offers the benefits of paper rigidity and polywoven strength. It is also moisture resistant and more durable than conventional paper bag.

AXPORT DUNNAGE BAG are AAR Level 1 certified.


  • Axport Inflator with revolutionary Easy Click & Quick connector tip
  • The only Venturi Inflator that swivels 360° for ease of operation
  • Consistent pressure every time
  • Push & lock valve for rapid deflation
  • Industrial style spring valve to handle the toughest rides
  • High strength Kraft paper/polywoven dunnage bag
  • Dual protection and durable
  • AAR Level 1 certified
  • Moisture resistant & high burst pressure


  • Proven bracing performance
  • Cost effective added assurance
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • AAR certified equals Greater Reliability
  • Axport Inflator speed and safeguard