Stretch Films are used to wrap around industrial or commercial products to provide stability and protection to loose cartons or bags. Bundling products together also allow easier inventory control, lower transportation cost and many other benefits.

In addition, an increasing number of usage has also been adopted in other areas such as wrapping of doors, windows, carpets and textile.

Axport Solution Sdn Bhd manufactures multi-layered Stretch Films from modern high output cast lines and the products have the following properties: –

  • Clear finishing
  • High gloss
  • Good cling properties
  • Excellent stretch properties
  • Quiet unwind
  • Good thickness control
  • Good puncture resistance

Product : Eco Film

ECO FILM is our premium brand of thinner and stronger hand and machine stretch films.

Although thinner than other stretch films, it still has the strength to secure heavy and hard-to-hold loads. Furthermore, it can be pre-stretched up to 300% from its original length. It is the packaging solution of international standards.