It is also called Humidity Indicating Silica Gel.  In this type all the silica gel particles are impregnated with an indicator. It gradually turns pink from blue when absorbing moisture and gives a ready indication that done its work and need replacement or regeneration. It is used as indicator and dryer, and can be used with White Silica gel.

Technical Data Specification


Item Specification
Size 1-3MM\2-5MM
Appearance Blue or Light-Blue
Ratio of Size Qualified % ≥ 99
Adsorption Capacity , % RH=20% ≥ 8.0
RH=35% ≥ 13.0
RH=50% ≥ 20.0
Loss on Heating , %           ≤ 5.0
Rattler Loss , %                 ≤ 10.0
Bulk Densit , g/l             ≥ 750
PH Value 4-8
Specific Resistance , Ω.cm         ≥ 1000
Qualified Ratio of Spherical Granules,%      ≥ 89%
Color RH=20% Blue or Light-Blue
RH=35% Purple or Amaranthine
RH=50% Light Red or Pink

Types of Dessicant

White Silica Gel

Blue Silica Gel

Orange Indicating Silica Gel

Desiccant Clay