Self Pack Packing Services

MOVER: Self Pack and Load

The Self Pack is our most popular packing service for home, industry with domestic or international removals, Sometimes you want to do things on your own. At Move Management we understand the costs involved in local or international relocation and while this may not be for everyone, our SELF PACK AND LOAD program may be the way to go.


With this program, you determine the container or Pallet Crate size you will need and we will position the unit at your residence for you to load and secure the goods. Besides that, we supply (if required) wrapping materials, tape, mattress protectors and packing boxes at wholesale cost prior to your moving date, but you pack up your own items. On the pre-arranged moving
date, our team of removal specialists will arrive at your home with a lorry or container for your items. They will then lift and load all your packing boxes into the container for you. Once the goods are loaded, and you have provided Move Management with all necessary documentation, we take it from there. We handle filings with local authorities to transport the goods, ocean freight services and documentation, and if you request, customs clearance and delivery at destination.