Desiccant Clay is made form clay mix with hydroscopic material, through several physical and chemical procedures including reaction, granule-making, sifting and drying.


  • Its asorption capacity is more than >50%, higher than silica gel
  • Protect cargo more efficient as the adsorption capacity is higher with same gram mage.
  • It works better relatively to Silica Gel at lower RH (RH 15% – RH 50%) and temperature below 50°C
  • Hazard free, can be disposed as normal waste

Technical Data Sheet for Agro Desiccant Clay

Appearacnce Round grains
Color Grey
Size 2~4mm
Bulk Consistency 0.82~0.87g/ml
Adsorption Capacity ≥50% at RH80%,25℃
Moisture Content ≤2%

Types of Dessicant

White Silica Gel

Blue Silica Gel

Orange Indicating Silica Gel

Desiccant Clay